Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010

Lindsay Lohan in Jail

What you'll need:
• Orange jumpsuit (or orange minidress)
• Handcuffs or shackles

When actress Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to jail in July, the world looked on in horrified fascination. The crying in the courtroom, the profane manicure; it was a fall from celebrity grace worthy of Greek tragedy. So to distinguish yourself from the rest of the inmates this October, put a funny spin on your prison attire. For starters, try a more scandalous version of the classic orange jumpsuit. Though this Princess in Prison costume ($40, Overstock.com) is a goof on Paris Hilton's famous stint in the slammer, a lipstick "Sam" tattoo and that aforementioned manicure could be just the ticket for a foolproof Halloween getup.