Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010

Underwater Cities

Who needs space when there remain the unfathomable depths of our own oceans? James Cameron's Abyss conjured a world of deep-sea sentient aliens, but they end up being all ethereal tendrils and no fun. Filmmakers of an earlier era had a better idea: underwater cities! A glut of B movies from War Gods of the Deep to Captain Nemo and the Underwater City dump their protagonists in latter day Atlantises and surround them with amphibian humanoids and curmudgeonly mad scientists. And why not? With water levels rising, we may as well start thinking about oceanic living. A few super-high-end luxury hotels in places like Dubai and the Maldives offer "underwater" accommodation and dining, replete with stunning views of marine life. But where are the trident-wielding frog men?