Tuesday, Sep. 07, 2010

The Solid-Gold Toilet

Built in 2001, this rather luxurious toilet is made of solid 24-carat gold and coated with gems. Everything in the restroom surrounding it — sink, tiles and doors — is also made of solid gold; the display at Hang Fung Gold Technology's showroom in Hong Kong is today worth more than $29 million. The bathroom was the brainchild of jeweler Lam Sai-wing, who was inspired by communist leader Lenin's vision that the most appropriate thing to do with gold would be to build public toilets out of it. The working lavatory boasts a state-of-the-art automatic flushing system but is off-limits to tourists. Visitors have to wear plastic covers over their shoes to avoid scuffing the 900-gram gold bars embedded in the floor. Apparently, the showroom has done its job — some guests have requested their own golden bathroom accessories following their visit.