Wednesday, Sep. 01, 2010

All of David Beckham

In 2006, David Beckham, then the world's most iconic soccer star, sought a little extra protection. The £100 million (then around $195 million) deal — widely considered the largest personal insurance policy in sport history — was so large it was rumored to have been split among several companies. The policy allegedly protected more than just his precious legs, feet and 10 toes (hey, those would be some expensive little piggies). Given that much of his income came from selling his good looks in commercial deals, he was also covered in the event of disfigurement. Too bad that even the most expensive policy couldn't save his faltering sporting career from the ticking clock of Father Time.

Speaking of hunky footballers, it seems Real Madrid's forward, Cristiano Ronaldo is following in Becks' footsteps — literally. The Portuguese sensation reportedly took out a $144 million policy on his legs.