Thursday, Sep. 02, 2010

Toddy Cold Brew System

Easy-to-access coffee in cafeterias or barista-filled cafes renders the automatic coffeemaker unnecessary for most students. But iced coffee — java's trendier cousin — is typically a harder score at the campus canteen unless you're willing to settle for hot coffee cooled — and diluted — by a mountain of ice cubes. The Toddy Cold Brew System is a simplified iced-coffee maker that promises to put an end to your iced-coffee yearnings. The Toddy System even boasts to be easier on your stomach — it contains 67% less acid than most brews — essential for those late-night caffeine binges. Looking for something even easier? Try Starbucks VIA, instant iced coffee packets ($4.95 for a pack of five) that even come lightly sweetened — just add cold water and stir. To keep your student in plenty of coffee, purchase a Starbucks gift card, which, with the Starbucks Card Mobile App, can be applied electronically — hey, it's one less card to lose.

Price: $37.50

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