Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2010

Bruce Willis, Seagram's Wine Coolers

He may have kicked some serious butt in the Die Hard series, but in this mid-1980s commercial, rugged tough guy Bruce Willis shows his softer side — dancing, singing and twirling on a porch while hawking light booze. The ads feature Bruce and his boys jamming on a porch and singing about the greatness of Seagram's Golden Wine Coolers. "Hey big fellas, look here," he croons. "It's wet and it's dry — my, my, my. Me and the boys love, love, love it all the time." The television ads were reportedly wildly popular, helping to both make Seagram's the world's largest distilled-spirits company and launch Willis' short-lived singing career. In an ironic twist, Willis lost his position as Seagram's spokesman after being caught drunk driving.