Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2010

BluBlocker Sunglasses

His name is Geek, and he's more than a hip-hopper. He prides himself as a savvy sunglasses shopper. Thousands of pairs of BluBlocker sunglasses have been sold with a little help from this Venice Beach, Calif., rapper and his guapo sombrero. Geek ran the infomercial for almost six years in the 1990s, boosting the glasses' sales with his inane idioms. Case No. 1 is the climax of the ad: "There's a number soon that appears on your screen/ Everything is groovy — do you know what I mean?" If that line fails to do the trick, Geek's finale is pretty slick: "Que paso, amigo, and hey senorita/ With these BluBlockers, your life is muy bonita." The glasses sell as a "safe and effective way to prevent eye damage." Ear damage? Not so much.