Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2010

Mighty Putty

More than 50 years after Silly Putty made its way into the toy aisle, the late infomercial maven Billy Mays introduced a product that was far from child's play. Mighty Putty starts off as a construction worker's version of Pillsbury dough. Cut it to size, knead it, and watch it change color from a dormant green to an activated white. Mighty Putty looks harmless, until you apply it to the edge of a coffee mug or any other everyday epoxy project. Within seconds, you have a handle where there previously was no handle. Mays also places the putty on a hitch that pulls an 80,000-lb. tractor. With that type of strength, and the ability to "seal leaks instantly," what was BP waiting for? With Mighty Putty, Tony Hayward could have had his life back much sooner.