Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2010

Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask

The Rejuvenique Electrical Facial Mask offers a revolutionary workout for all 12 of your "facial zones," those areas that normal people typically refer to as the forehead, the nose, the mouth and so on. With the help of a fierce nine-volt battery, Rejuvenique sends pulses from "specially designed gold-plated facial cushions" that illuminate through the front of the mask. Just line up in front of the mirror and watch your face experience its own meteor shower. Those cushions caress each zone at 20-second intervals, creating a facial workout equivalent to eight sit-ups (or, as one person ridiculously says here, "face-ups") per second. When the preposterous event is all said and done, customers are left with a "more toned, youthful-looking face." And, as an added bonus, it totally works as a last-minute Halloween mask.