Monday, Jun. 28, 2010


The world is full of failure — like the newspaper ad that dumbly says "Click Here" at the bottom of the page — and that's the guiding principle of FAIL Blog. If things seem to be going too perfectly in your world, you can visit FAIL Blog and wallow in mistakes of all kinds, since the blog is an open-source clearinghouse of flubs and fiascos. Since being purchased by Pet Holdings Inc. in April 2008, the site has won its share of Webby Awards. But as time goes by, what originality or distinctive voice can FAIL Blog provide to keep visitors coming? After all, stupidity wears thin after a while. The blog is almost entirely dependent on user-generated content, and as soon as those users shift their attention — and submissions — to another flap-based Internet wonder, the party's over. Or in other words: FAIL Blog fail.