Friday, Jun. 25, 2010

The Kids

After delivering an emotional tribute at their father's memorial, Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II (a.k.a. "Blanket") retreated to the family's San Fernando Valley, California, ranch with their grandmother Katherine Jackson, who was appointed legal guardian. They have remained largely out of the public eye, but Katherine says the kids enjoy a normal life filled with family, traveling and Michael Jackson's music. The trio has also developed a love for films and filmmaking. Prince, 13 — who is headed to private school this fall — directs home videos with his brother, sister and cousins as actors. One session resulted in a visit from social workers after Jermaine Jackson's son saw an ad for a stun gun, purchased it for a prop and fired it into a towel. Paris, 12, enjoys art and piano and wants to be an actress, while Blanket, 8, shares Michael's sense of playfulness, according to their grandmother. "The children are seemingly as normal as normal can be under pretty extraordinary circumstances," says Adam Streisand, Katherine's lawyer.