Monday, Feb. 07, 2005

Stephen Strang

Keeper of The Faith
Invitations to the White House are becoming regular occurrences for Stephen Strang. The former journalist, 54, has been a Bush favorite ever since his homegrown Christian publishing house, Strang Communications, released The Faith of George W. Bush, the first spiritual biography of the President, in 2003. "We didn't write it to help Bush, but it no doubt helped elect him," declares Strang.

In the world of Christian publishing, Strang combines a sense of mission with sharp business acumen. Over the past 30 years, he has built his company, based in Lake Mary, Fla., into a $33 million business that churns out seven magazines and 100 books a year. Niche offerings like The Bible Cure health series are wildly successful, but the company is seeking more crossover hits like G.P. Taylor's Shadowmancer, which has been hailed as Harry Potter's "Christian cousin." Strang's lead publication, Charisma, chronicles the fast-growing charismatic movement and has become powerful enough to wrangle a Bush interview last year.