Thursday, Apr. 29, 2010

Nancy Pelosi

From her first day as Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, 70, made it clear that it was a new era in the House of Representatives. Surrounded by her children and grandchildren, gavel in hand, she offered an unmistakable message: America's families were going to be front and center for the new Congress. This has been a consistent theme throughout Nancy's career, through her growing up as a mayor's daughter in Baltimore, working in grass-roots politics and representing her California constituents in Congress for more than two decades. As Speaker, she has fought for all Americans — especially working families and their children. The passage of the historic health care reform bill is simply the latest example of her leadership, savvy and unwavering commitment to improving the lives of Americans everywhere. Nancy's strength and success are rooted in her deep personal faith, her fierce loyalty to friends and principles and a wonderful family. She became famous for being the first female Speaker, and she will always be a role model for women and girls because of her trailblazing accomplishments. But most of all, she will be remembered for the results she's delivered, the people she's helped and the progress she's achieved.

Clinton is U.S. Secretary of State

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