Wednesday, Jul. 19, 2006

Video World

By far the most popular video-sharing site on the Web, YouTube catapulted into public consciousness after the posting of a certain cupcake-fueled Saturday Night Live spoof. Although "Lazy Sunday," was eventually removed from the site after NBC complained — the network now posts teaser clips from hit shows like The Office — YouTube's numbers kept growing: by July, less than a year after its public launch, traffic was up to 65,000 new video uploads and 100 million video viewings per day. Relive treasures such as Journey's "Separate Ways", observe a Great White grabbing lunch or see what folks with too much free time can do with a digicam and a dream. Often, video quality isn't great, and a lot of the stuff is junk, yet somehow we can't stop digging around in it. Neither can network execs, apparently: a comedy pilot called "Nobody's Watching," written two years ago for the WB but only recently posted on YouTube, was just bought by, yup, NBC.