Tuesday, Dec. 08, 2009

Vogue Australia, September

The September issue — only not the one created by Anna Wintour. This 50th anniversary issue of Vogue Australia uses multiple covers featuring actress Cate Blanchett, depicted in absolutely fabulous vintage fashion illustrations by British illustrator David Downton. The cover is a marvel in many ways. First, Blanchett's face is rendered with merely a few brushstrokes, just enough to let the reader know it's her. More important is the use of that '50s-style illustration, which creates a perfect merger of glamor, celebrity and style announcing an issue that covers the magazine's long history. Some fashion mags do the most creative covers in the industry, while others use imagery that seems like nothing more than a place mat for blurbs and cover billings. Would that there were more like this one; it just has that certain ... je ne sais quoi.