Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2009

Pay Homage to the Kung Fu Master

Bruce Lee may be Hong Kong's most famous export, but you wouldn't know it from touring around town. Aside from a lone bronze statue erected in 2005, Hong Kong has done zilch to honor the man who almost single-handedly garnered worldwide respect for kung fu, Hong Kong film and Asian masculinity. But that's about to change: the Hong Kong government, along with three professional organizations and a local billionaire, has recently accepted proposals to transform Lee's last residence into an official memorial. Today, his home is a sleazy love motel offering three-hour stays and a car park with curtains to obscure the cars (and license plates) of its tiptoeing guests. But for die-hard fans of the Little Dragon, it's still worth a visit — at least until he gets the respect he deserves.

— By Ling Woo Liu