Monday, Nov. 18, 2002

Travel Surfboard

Inventor: Karl Pope

Karl Pope has been searching for the perfect surfboard since he took to the waves in the mid-1950s. In 1964 he introduced the Travelboard, a three-piece model, with partner Tom Morey (who went on to invent the boogie board in 1971). Four years ago, Pope introduced the Bisect, a two-piece board that is even easier to transport; just pull it out of the trunk, snap it together, and head for the water. His latest innovation: the Bisect Hollow Carbon Stealth (as in Stealth fighter). It's pressure-molded out of a carbon-fiber composite — a jet-age fabric woven with graphite and impregnated with epoxy that's 20% lighter than conventional foam — and-fiber-glass long boards and, Pope claims, "at least 10 times stronger." It's also 125% more expensive.

Availability: Now, $1,795
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