Thursday, Oct. 01, 2009

Breast-Feeding Baby

How young is too young to breast-feed?

Dolls that realistically close their eyes, bottle-feed and even wet themselves have long been a staple of the toy world. But Spanish company Berjuan has gone a bit too far with Bebé Glotón, the breast-feeding doll. Parents (shockingly) aren't fond of the bizarre doll, intended for girls ages 8 to 10, which comes with a halter-top-like bra that girls can put on and pretend to nurse with — complete with flowerlike nipples that make a loud suckling sound. (The doll's name translates to gluttonous baby.)

While some parents support the company's intention to educate kids about breast-feeding, most are understandably a bit grossed out by a toy that allows girls to mimic nursing before they're old enough to understand it. Opponents say the toy could even increase the risk of youth pregnancy. Bebé Glotón, released in August, sells for €44 (about $67) but is currently available only in Spain.