Monday, Sep. 14, 2009

Take That, Squid Brains!

Apparently Bonnaroo fans aren't as easygoing as stereotypes about the gathering's fans would imply. When Kanye West finally took the stage last year at the Tennessee music festival, the rapper was nearly two hours behind schedule — it was nearly 4:30 in the morning — and the hippies were pissed. Even fellow performers couldn't help but get their digs in. The following day, musician Robert Randolph led his audience in an enthusiastic chant of "Kanye Sucks!"

Now Kanye was pissed."I'm typing so f___ing hard I might break my f___ing Mac book Air!!!!!!!!," he responded on his blog. "Call me any name you want ... BUT NEVER SAY I DIDN'T GIVE MY ALL!" He went on to blame the concert's organizers for failing to grasp the awesomeness of his performance. "WE WERE OBVIOUSLY DEALING WITH F___ING IDIOTS WHO DIDN'T REALLY HAVE THE CAPACITY TO REALLY PUT ON THIS SHOW PROPERLY. THEY TRIED 2 GIVE ME A TIME SLOT WHERE IT WAS STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE ... I HAVE A F___ING LIGHT SHOW DUMB A__, IT'S NOT CALLED GLOW IN THE DARK FOR NO REASON SQUID BRAINS!" Squid brains?