Friday, Sep. 11, 2009

The Team of the Decade?

It's a simple equation, right? The Packers were the team of the 1960s, the Steelers dominated the '70s, the 49ers took the '80s, the '90s belonged to Dallas, and this decade has been owned by New England. Or ... has it? If Pittsburgh manages to secure a second Super Bowl in a row this season, that would give them three triumphs over the past five years — tying the Patriots' three wins this decade, with both teams achieving back-to-back victories (the Pats achieved the feat in 2003-04). This contest can only be decided in Miami this February: a New England Super Bowl victory would put them over the top, while another Pittsburgh parade for the Steelers would give the team seven championships in total — two more than any other team in the modern era. As always, though, on any given Sunday, the league's 30 other teams will have something to say in the matter.