Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2009

Why Settle For Just a House?

Million of items are bought and sold each day on eBay, but how many come with their own ZIP code? The tiny town of Bridgeville, Calif. was auctioned in 2002 for just under $1.8 million, a price that included about 83 acres and a dozen homes and cabins. Sadly for the remote Northern California town, the buyer backed out and the sale didn't go through. It's been a tough road for Bridgeville in the years since. Another buyer bought the town for $700,000, but, overwhelmed by costs, put the aging property back on the selling block (once again on eBay). A 25-year-old Los Angeles entertainment manager then coughed up $1.25 million for Bridgeville in 2006 and excited residents with ambitious plans to fix the place up, but tragically committed suicide three months later. The town is available once again — though this time, not on eBay — for any brave buyers.