Friday, Apr. 23, 2010

Coors Rocky Mountain Sparkling Water

According to its promotional materials, Coors has brewed its iconic American lager with Rocky Mountain spring water since 1873. A hundred and seventeen years later, the company decided to skip a few steps. Tapping into the booming bottled-water market, the beer conglomerate introduced Rocky Mountain Sparkling Water — but unwisely kept the Coors logo front and center on the label, making it impossible not to worry about driving home after a heavy dose of H2O. Sales for the water, which came in original, lemon-lime and cherry flavors, did poorly.

The beverage was eventually discontinued, but it did have at least one fan. A Woman's Day reader responded to an article in April 2009 about dud products by saying, "That Coors Sparkling Water was the best sparkling water I ever bought. It was very wet, and thirt [sic] quenching. When we heard it was being discontinued, we bought up every case we could in town, but alas, quickly drank through them. Almost 20yr [sic] later, and I still miss it."