Wednesday, Jul. 01, 2009

Jaimee Grubbs

It's unclear why onetime reality show contestant Jaimee Grubbs, 24, decided to talk about an alleged 31-month affair with Tiger Woods. The Californian waitress, who had appeared alongside her ex-boyfriend on VH1's guy-improvement show Tool Academy, discussed her liaisons with Woods in Us Weekly magazine. She described their relationship as "romantic" — as well as sexual — and never indicated that things had gone sour. But the evidence she presented for her claims — steamy text messages and a voicemail where someone purportedly sounding like Woods asks Grubbs to help him cover up his cheating tracks — paints a picture of a man who realized the heat was on. In a press release posted on his website, Woods apologized Dec. 2 for unspecified "transgressions" days after a one-car accident in the early morning hours the day after Thanksgiving left the media buzzing about a possible domestic dispute. Nor was Grubbs the only alleged mistress on the scene: the National Enquirer reported before the accident on rumors that Tiger had had a relationship with New York club promoter Rachel Uchitel, 34, — a story which she vehemently denies — while Life & Style magazine claimed that Tiger had been seeing Kalika Moquin, 27, a Las Vegas marketing agent, for months.

Post-affair: Grubbs has said that she was "hurt" to hear of other women possibly being in the picture. As, no doubt, was Tiger's wife Elin Nordegren.