Wednesday, Jul. 01, 2009

Rielle Hunter

Hunter has been an equestrian, a bit-part actress, a filmmaker and even the inspiration for a novel. But history will know her as John Edwards' "other" woman. After Edwards hired Hunter to produce a series of documentaries on his 2008 campaign for President, the two began a romantic affair that continued until the National Enquirer revealed the couple's liaison at a Los Angeles hotel. More salacious still: Hunter had a child, with no father listed on the birth certificate.

Post-affair: An Edwards aide, Andrew Young, quickly claimed to be the unnamed father of Hunter's baby, and despite an alleged promise to marry Hunter, Edwards quickly distanced himself from his mistress. Now Young says he is disillusioned by his former boss's actions, and he's writing a book claiming that Edwards is the actual father of Hunter's child — and that the couple recorded a sex tape together. For her part, Hunter has declined a paternity test, but she is reportedly angry at how Edwards' wife Elizabeth has cast her in the media. The Edwards family has not commented on Young's allegations.