Thursday, Apr. 30, 2009

The View

The View has become tv's most talked-about talk show for one very simple reason: View-ers love those five ladies.

We all have our favorites (I'll never tell), but we really do think of them as a family. An opinionated family, perhaps. An opinionated family that keeps interrupting one another, true. But a family that, every day for one hour, invites us over for a cup of coffee and some candid conversation.

By pulling no punches, they pull answers — and emotions — out of guests that are more genuine than you often see on TV. In an age of reality shows that are not actually real, this one is. If you're their guest, they make you feel like the most interesting person they've ever spent time with. (Even though you're not.) And you feel very lucky to have been included.

That's probably how millions of loyal viewers feel every morning too: happy to sit down with Barbara and Whoopi and Joy and Elisabeth and Sherri. That quick-witted quintet. That feisty full house. Sisters. Neighbors. Friends. Comfortable knowing that they can say anything and still be back together again tomorrow.

Bloomberg is the 108th mayor of New York City

Fast Fact: All five hosts are mothers; they have six children among them