Thursday, Apr. 30, 2009

Tina Fey

Smart, funny, beautiful. Smart, funny, beautiful. It had gotten to the point where I was simply going to buy Tina some monogrammed towels that read SFB.

Tina is all of those things, as everyone now knows. But when you work with someone and are around her a lot, other things come to the fore. I've met her brother and her dad. Tina's dad is one of those guys you just automatically trust. Gary Cooper would play him in the movies. Or Gary Sinise. Someone with buckets of integrity. There is a similar quality about Tina that comes from him.

Tina's husband Jeff Richmond is the music supervisor on 30 Rock. He and Tina have known each other for a long time and have worked together for years. It's almost as if Tina paused several years ago and thought, Music is going to play an integral role in some of the work I may do in the future, and this Jeff fella is funny and smart and musically talented. Tina is smart, funny, beautiful and not at all musically talented. When they first played the proposed theme song for the show, I didn't know what to think because I wasn't quite sure what the show was yet. Now I can't imagine 30 Rock without it or any of Jeff's other contributions. Tina has good taste in men.

Tina, 39, is a mom. Her daughter Alice looks like a Hummel figurine: she is so beautiful, she doesn't look real. Tina works long days. Take your long day times two — that's how long her days can be. Write, produce, act, promote. And she finds time to mother this child. "Just write her into the show!" I keep suggesting. Tina hasn't bought that idea yet. Tina is hardworking.

Our writers are all devoted to and admiring of their head writer. The show has won all the writing prizes. Twice. Tina is respected.

Smart, funny, beautiful. Devoted, tough, respected. Now if she'd only work on her posture.

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