Tuesday, Apr. 28, 2009

A Republican Hopeful?

Day 82
April 11, 2009

"I thought President Obama's proposal to eliminate capital-gains taxes for small businesses was a pretty good idea. And his pledge to lower taxes for middle-class Americans was something Republicans wholeheartedly supported. But the budget that Congress is considering doesn't provide that tax relief."

—Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, criticizing President Obama's budget, in the weekly Republican address

The potential 2012 GOP contender takes his turn bashing the President's budget, criticizing his tax-cut plan, saying it doesn't provide the relief Obama promised.

Obama, fresh off his European tour, uses his weekly radio/video address to urge global cooperation. He points to the economy, climate change and nuclear weapons, saying, "These are challenges that no single nation, no matter how powerful, can confront alone."

The day ends with some good news for the U.S.: the American captain held hostage by Somali pirates is rescued after Obama twice authorizes the military to use force to get him back. Three pirates are killed.

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