Saturday, Feb. 28, 2009

The Dress That Made J. Lo

Here's what may have been going through Jennifer Lopez' head before the 2000 Grammy Awards: "I'm going to be presenting, and I want a dress that will really get me noticed. I'm thinking something very low cut. No, lower. Lower. LOWER. I want people to see my belly button. Also most of my chest. Okay, now I want a long slit up the bottom so people can see my legs. Longer. Longer. Could you get it to end right at my — perfect! What are you talking about, this doesn't look at all like cheap vacation sarong purchased at a Sandals Resort gift shop. This is Versace, people. Versace!

"Also, if you could have me present the award alongside a man who, years later, would publicly admit to a battle with sex addiction, that would be great."