Monday, Nov. 03, 2008

Dina and Ali Lohan

The mother and sister of celebutante-actress-singer-and-sometime-lesbian Lindsay Lohan got their own reality show this summer, E!'s Living Lohan. TIME could not possibly explain why the pair make this list better than snarky Anderson Cooper, who informed Kelly Ripa — when he filled in for Regis Philbin — that the show was a "train wreck." Said Cooper: "There's one, Lindsay Lohan, who's apparently quite famous for doing all sort of her mother got a show...I guess people are hoping this other person, Lindsay, is going to show up but until then, we're stuck with these horrific people...There's a perfectly nice, allegedly 14-year-old girl, looks to be about 60...She allegedly wants to be a singer and/or actor slash performer of some sort, striptease person, I don't know...Her mom is like, 'Alright, go out there! You're a singer! Be a star!'" Well, she was, if only fleetingly. The single Ali released over the summer flopped, and the show isn't expected to come back for a second season.