Monday, Nov. 03, 2008

You Suck at Photoshop, "Distort, Warp and Layer Effects"

This web series unfolded in installments of four to six minutes each, and the action was almost entirely limited to a voiceover and a computer screen. But the small-scale serial packed in as much comedy and pathos as a TV series twenty times its length. The debut episode (which premiered in late December 2007, after last year's top 10 list came out) introduces us to Donnie Hoyle, a bitter graphic designer, who — in the form of a series of contemptuous Photoshop tutorials — teaches an online audience photo manipulation while laying out the story of his marriage's dissolution. Here, he uses the title effects to plaster a picture of his marriage certificate on the windshield of the van in which his wife and her lover have been having trysts. "Distort" is a bittersweet introduction to a man who would like to airbrush the pain out of his life, but can never quite hit Undo.