Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008

Home Audio

The FatMan iTube ValveDock
The iPod obviously is the greatest thing since unicorns and rainbows, but it can produce a slightly thin, cold sound. Valve amps, while they put out warm, rich audio goodness, are hilariously clunky and outdated. But if you run the one through t'other, the way the ValveDock does, you get the best of both worlds: the organic power of the analog past redeems the sins of the digital present. Plus those glowy retro vacuum tubes look cool.
Price: $450; $550 with speakers
More info: Fat Man iTube ValveDock

Sennheiser MX W1
Wireless Headphones The sound that pumps through these precious earbuds — via an audio technology called Kleer — is crisp and full. They're comfortable too, and they work with virtually any device: just plug in the base station and you're good to go.

Samson StudioDock 3i
Widely known as a maker of in-studio equipment, Samson has condescended to create this handy audio solution for civilians: a pair of sweet, pure-sounding speakers with an iPod dock built right in, plus a bonus usb interface so they can talk to your computer too.
More info: Samson StudioDock 3i