Friday, Oct. 03, 2008

GodTube's Mega-Hit

YouTube wears its faith lightly: it doesn't even offer a "spirituality" channel. But perhaps the ultimate validation of its potential as a religious vehicle is the emergence of an exclusively religious competitor. In 2007, a group of Christian entrepreneurs founded GodTube, essentially a YouTube for Christian content. According to CEO Jason Illian, GodTube enjoyed 4.5 million unique visits this past August. The site also appears to have introduced the best-viewed Christian parody clip in recent memory: a satire by a young evangelical in Virginia named Dan Smith of Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" called "Baby Got Book," about a girl with a very large ... Bible. On GodTube the clip has pulled in 1,090,250 hits. A "director's cut" has drawn 856,000 viewers on YouTube.