Monday, Sep. 22, 2008

New York

For one night a month, the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History becomes not a place of class field trips and rigid education, but of drinking, dancing and partying. The museum, in conjunction with event promoter Flavorpill, opens the doors after hours on a Friday night and trucks in DJs and live-music acts to entertain the crowds within the normally staid confines of the planetarium. (Kanye West showed up to perform earlier this year.) Drinks flow liberally from the bar, and there's plenty of dancing out on the floor. It's amazing that nothing irreplaceable has gotten broken yet. Hurry up and get your tickets for the next time you're in New York, before the museum board realizes this is probably a terrible idea.
Call 212-769-5200 for tickets ($20, which includes a free pass to the museum).