Monday, Sep. 22, 2008

New Hampshire

Admit it. When you hear that a particular place is home to the world's worst weather, it makes you more eager to visit, not less. Well, then, head to Mount Washington in Sargent's Purchase, N.H., the highest peak in the Northeastern United States. It's got erratic swings in temperature, is frequently pummeled by storms and holds the world record for fastest recorded gust of wind (231 m.p.h. in 1934). Which is not to say there's nothing to do besides huddle in your tent and eat your fellow travelers for sustenance. The mountain is home to an abundance of hiking trails, and each summer, it hosts the Mount Washington Road Race, a brutal, 7.6-mile foot race to the summit. If you're going to make it to the top without coughing up a lung, you best start training now.