Game Changers

Meet the innovators and problem-solvers that are inspiring change in America

Amy Cuddy, Power Poser

Using a few simple tweaks to body language, Harvard researcher Amy Cuddy discovers ways to help people become more powerful More »

  • Justice Seekers

    Defense lawyers Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld founded the Innocence Project to overturn wrongful convictions More »

  • Crowd Sourcer

    Luis von Ahn wants to translate the internet into every major language, and he wants to do it for free. Find out how Duolingo could change the world wide web More »

  • Housing Visionary

    Dissatisfied with the minimum legal requirements for housing for the disabled, Casey Nolan set out to reinvent housing for injured and impaired soldiers and veterans More »

  • Impact Investigator

    Through his research on sport-related concussions, Dr. Kevin Guskiewicz is literally changing the game — from innovative sideline tests in football to the study of long-term effects in all sports More »

  • Olympic Builder

    Olympic medalist Sebastian Coe, chair of the London 2012 Organizing Committee, hopes to build a legacy and use the power of the Games to "inspire change in all areas of life" More »

  • Urban Dreamscaper

    As a landscape architect, James Corner leads his design team in the reclamation and re-creation of public space, from small parks to entire cities More »

  • Principle Prophet

    As founder and CEO of LRN, moral philosopher and businessman Dov Seidman helps companies thrive by pursuing both profits and principles More »

  • The Mighty Eagle of Angry Birds

    As chief marketing officer at Rovio, Peter Vesterbacka hopes to make the bird brand as well known as Mickey Mouse More »

  • Revolutionary Mother

    Nobel Peace Prize recipient Tawakul Karman brings international attention to the struggle for freedom in Yemen More »

  • Tony Hsieh, Chief Happiness Officer

    As CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh believes a happy culture at work makes more than happy employees, it makes the brand better More »

  • Archive Automator

    Much of the world's history is stored on aging video tape. Inventor Jim Lindner designed a robotic system that quickly and cheaply preserves our global video heritage More »

  • Harassment Avenger

    As Executive Director of Hollaback!, Emily May uses technology and social media to confront the most pervasive sexual violence on women: street harassment More »

  • The Replicator Maker

    As CEO of MakerBot, Bre Pettis champions a revolutionary manufacturing technology that allows people to design and print out objects on their desktop More »

  • Visionaries of Warby Parker

    Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa shake up the eyewear industry to provide affordable, stylish, high-quality glasses for people all over the world More »

  • Interactive Agent

    As the director of the SXSW Interactive Festival, Hugh Forrest ushers in groundbreaking technology that changes the way we share, learn and think More »

  • Digital Diplomacy

    Meet Alec Ross, Hillary Clinton's ambassador for Internet freedom More »

  • The Bionic Age

    Professor Hugh Herr is creating robotic prosthetics that mimic the functions of real limbs, leading to a new bionic age More »

  • Road Ruler

    As commissioner of transportation for New York City, Janette Sadik-Khan has transformed many of the city's streets to focus on pedestrians, re-engineering Times Square and beyond More »

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