From TIME's Archives: The Anita Hill Saga

Left; Dirck Halstead / Time Life Pictures / Getty: Getty: AP

A phone call from Clarence Thomas' wife Virginia re-ignites a nearly 20-year old controversy. A look back at how it all began More »

  • He Said, She Said

    As the nation looks on, two credible, articulate witnesses present irreconcilable views of what happened nearly a decade ago More »

  • Hill Vs. Thomas: An Ugly Circus

    Into the arena there came two gladiators, fourteen Senators and an audience of millions. But could anyone possibly declare victory when the spectacle was so repellent? More »

  • A Question of Character

    Thomas and Anita Hill were both known for truthfulness and integrity — until now a real straight arrow More »

  • Anita Hill's Legacy

    A year after the Thomas hearings, women wonder if the consciousness-raising made enough of a difference More »

  • Smearing Anita Hill

    A writer confesses to libeling Anita Hill — and reopens the Thomas hearings More »

  • Strange Justice

    In a new book, friends and colleagues assert that Clarence Thomas was not the saint his defenders made him out to be More »