Seven Years in Iraq: An Iraq War Timeline

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Seven Years in Iraq: An Iraq War Timeline

A Brief History of the War — Month By Month, Quote By Quote More »

  • 2003

    From the beginning of the war to the capture of Saddam Hussein More »

  • 2004

    From the search for WMDs to the battle of Fallujah More »

  • 2005

    From Iraq's first democratic elections to Rep. Murtha's opposition to the war More »

  • 2006

    From the abduction of reporter Jill Carroll to the execution of Saddam Hussein More »

  • 2007

    From the surge to the handover of Basra More »

  • 2008

    From the race for President to the George W. Bush shoe-throwing incident More »

  • 2009

    From provincial elections to renewed violence in Baghdad More »

  • 2010

    From the new year to the parliamentary elections in March More »

  • Photos: Saddam's Palaces

    The former dictator's architectural excesses have been transformed into operations centers for the U.S. military.

    Photographs by Richard Mosse / Leonore Annenberg Fellowship in the Performing and Visual Arts More »

  • Video: The Iraqi Air Force Flies Again

    Before the Persian Gulf War and the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Iraq had one of the largest air forces in the Middle East. Video Journalist Bill Thomas visited an Iraqi Air Force base at Camp Taji to check out their current capabilities More »

  • Video: Are Iraq's Security Forces Ready for the Job?

    When the U.S. military withdraws from Iraq, will the country's security forces be fully prepared to keep it from falling into chaos and civil war? More »

  • Video: Iraq's Parliament Elections: Fragile Democracy

    In the first in a video series about Iraq and the U.S. military's withdrawal of forces, TIME looks at the potential effects of Iraq's second parliamentary elections More »

  • Photos: A TIME Photographer's Iraq Diary

    Photojournalist Robert Nickelsberg has covered the war from before it began More »