The Short List of Things to Do

Illustration by Sean MCcabe ; West: Kevin Mazur/ Wire Image/ Getty Images

The 2010 Weekend Roundup

A guide to what you should see and what you should skip — and what you won't be able to avoid More »

  • October

    The latest from Belle & Sebastian and Sufjan Stevens. Plus: Marty McFly time travels again! More »

  • September

    From Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps to A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop More »

  • August

    From's iPhone app to Lost: The Complete Collection on DVD More »

  • July

    From Dinner for Schmucks to Fela! More »

  • June

    From Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows to Green Day: Rock Band More »

  • May

    The complete collection of Daria, the Passion Play and more: the best from May 2010 More »

  • April

    The Tom Lehrer Collection, Derek Walcott and more: the best from April 2010 More »

  • March

    From American Idol's lone star singer to 3D taking over the world More »

  • February

    From the latest incarnation of Alice in Wonderland to a new comedy about the American Dream More »

  • January

    Big Love, Randy Jackson, Mickey Rooney and more: all critics' picks from January 2010 More »