The Environment

Fredrik Brodén for TIME

Green Is the New Red, White And Blue

So far the U.S. has largely sat out the war against climate change—but that can change. We have a plan for making America the global leader on global warming More »

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  • In the Time of Trees

    Magnum Photographer Stuart Franklin has spent a decade exploring the beauty of trees and the unique place they occupy in man's world More »

  • CO2: They Should Bottle That Stuff

    Carbon capture is a crucial part of the global effort to stop warming. So, why hasn't it been implemented yet? More »

  • The Greening of the Pentagon

    According to a Pentagon-funded report, U.S. foreign dependence on oil, energy-inefficient troops and environmentally unfriendly forts threaten our national security More »

  • Lessons From Germany

    Germans have slashed greenhouse-gas emissions without sacrificing profits. Their secret? Yep, efficiency. Here's what the U.S. could learn More »