The Case For National Service

A Time To Serve

In a changing society facing all manner of new challenges, volunteers are helping bind America together. Why the U.S. and the next President should make a new commitment to national service More »

  • Making a Difference at Home

    Inspired by their work abroad, Peace Corps volunteers return to the U.S. as teachers, bringing the lessons they learned to the kids who need them most More »

  • National Service? Puh-lease

    Michael Kinsley thinks TIME editor Rick Stengel's call for compulsory national service is naïve. What we really need is better free-market capitalism More »

  • How Others Serve

    Abroad, civilian service ranges from diplomacy to firefighting More »

  • What These Presidents Would Ask of You

    The candidates push for cash incentives, loan help, new service corps More »

  • The Activists

    These nonprofit stars started small but took on big problems, from education to poverty to making volunteers more effective. The clearest sign of their success? The spin-offs built on their bright ideas More »

  • Resource Guide

    Here, TIME provides a variety of websites to help you get started on giving back More »

  • A Call For National Service

    Caroline Kennedy and Jeff Sachs talk with TIME Senior Editor Jyoti Thottam about the value of community and national service in the U.S. and abroad, their concerns about required national service, and the role of a universal national service program More »

  • Voices of the Volunteers

    Four volunteers, and the founder of Teach for America, talk about what motivates them, and what they have learned More »

  • Would National Service Be Better Than the Draft?

    Some argue that a military option as part of a national service requirement would be good for the country. Others say it would be bad for the military More »

  • How Do You Serve Your Community?

    Now it's your turn to speak up about the value of volunteering and national service. Why do you volunteer? What impact do volunteers make in your community? Do you think the United States should have a national service program? More »

  • Young Volunteers, TIME For Kids Wants You!

    Nominate an American kid or youth group involved in a remarkable volunteer or service project. Each month, TIME For Kids will choose one project to feature in its pages More »