A Worldwide Day's Worth of Food

What I Eat Around the World in 80 Diets
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China, The Teenaged Acrobat
Name: Cao Xiaoli
Age: 16; Height: 5' 2"; Weight: 99 pounds
Caloric value of food this day: 1700 calories

BREAKFAST: Yipin Xuan cake, 5.5 oz. Danone yogurt, kiwi, 3.5 oz. Apple, 7.2 oz.

LUNCH : Zha paigu (pork ribs, breaded and deep-fried), 2.8 oz., with rice flour noodles, 3.5 oz., and stir-fried cucumber, 5.4 oz. Tea egg (hard-boiled egg stewed in salted tea), 1.7 oz. Salty vegetable broth with green onion, 9.8 oz. White rice, 5.9 oz.

THROUGHOUT THE DAY: Uni-President bottled green tea, unsweetened, 16.9 fl. oz. Boiled water, 23.7 fl. oz.

Cao Xiaoli and the acrobatic troupe perform 7 nights a week. They live at the Shanghai Circus World complex, and eat in the employee cafeteria. On the weekends when she's not working, Cao Xiaoli's mother feeds her home cooking and fast food.

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