Prince Charles Comforts His Sons

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As French police launch a criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the car crash death of Princess Diana, most thoughts and concerns are turning to "the boys," William and Henry, her two sons.

William, 15, and Harry, soon to be 13, learned of their mother's death after being woken by their father, Prince Charles, Sunday night. They had been vacationing with Charles in Balmoral, Scotland and were expected to arrive in London on Sunday to greet their mother.

Diana doted on her two sons and was often seen with them on casual outings to the cinema, stopping for hamburgers, or browsing for videos. Hers was a more laid-back relationship with the princes, in contrast to Charles' more staid and formal family activities, such as hunting and polo.

For Diana, her sons were her life. In the midst of intense British media scrutiny, Diana recently revealed that if it wasn't for her sons she would have fled London long ago. She hated to be away from them.

The spotlight is likely to increase upon the boys, as speculation abounds about how two young sons will cope with the loss of a beloved mother. William and Harry clearly loved being with her.

Diana's most recent outing with her sons was with her companion, Dodi El-Fayeed, on his yacht in the French resort of St. Tropez. She and Fayeed were returning from the south of France so she could return London to spend time with her sons before their return to school next week.