Mosquitoes Invade Disney World

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ORLANDO, Fla: The most frightening thing at Disney World used to be Space Mountain. Now, it's mosquitoes. After Florida health officials sounded the alarm this week that some of the blood-sucking critters may carry St. Louis encephalitis a virus-born ailment which damages the brain the company decided to close its three water parks and swimming pools an hour early each day, to protect sunbathing vacationers during peak feeding time. Meanwhile Mickey and Goofy will continue to work full shifts at Disney's three theme parks, where spraying has already taken place. Not taking any chances, the Magic Kingdom also requested its guests to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants an unpopular suggestion in balmy summertime Florida. What will stop the scare? A couple nights in the low 40s, according to health officials. Until then, keep that bug repellent handy.