Today's News Roundup

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An attack by an angry Serb mob on NATO forces in Bosnia may have been provoked by supporters of suspected war criminal Radovan Karadzic ... (TIME Daily) Rep. Joe Kennedy has announced that he will not run for Governor of Massachusetts ... (All Politics) ... More evidence that diet drugs could cause heart damage prompts the FDA to order warning labels (TIME Daily) ... Scientists predict Pacific "El Nino" could become most dangerous "climate event of the century" (Reuters) ... Netanyahu gives up on "new Middle East," hoping instead for "warm" peace (Reuters) ... South Korea shrugs off North Korea's peace-talks pullback (Reuters) ... Analysts: Don't rush to buy Magellan despite Sept. 30 deadline for new investors (Money Daily) ... Crew re-powers Mir as astronaut on ground preps for September spacewalk (Reuters) ... California's affirmative action ban takes effect today (Reuters) ... the British Government is poised to invite Sinn Fein to all-party Northern Ireland peace talks (Reuters) ... Japan's Prime Minister Hashimoto declares his candidacy for a second term as head of his country's ruling party (Reuters) ... and Matt Drudge, the Liz Smith of Cyberspace, has finally been slammed with a $30 million lawsuit for libel (Time Daily).