Today's News Roundup

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Upset by America's refusal to hand over the defecting diplomats, North Korea walked out of missile talks with the US this morning ... Israel has ended its 28-day blockade of Bethlehem ... Bosnian Serb hardliners' are attempting to disrupt parliamentary elections , say Reuters ... Mir repairs restore less than half the power engineers had hoped for... Two political figures are looking more tarnished today: Former Clinton Cabinet member Mike Espy has been indicted, and Vice President Al Gore appears to have lied about his White House phone calls ... Researchers are saying spanking reduces your child's IQ, and that the weight-loss drugs Redux and Pondimin are linked to brain damage... The FEMA reports only one-third of homeowners in flood-prone areas have the flood insurance they need ... The federal government is about to unveil rules on deactivating car air bags... Juice makers are asked to put warning labels on products that aren't pasteurized to remove contaminants such as E. coli ... An appeals court rejects a bid to block California's affirmative action ban ... The man who turned NBC into a top-rated network has died ... One LSU frat pledge died and three are hospitalized after heavy drinking at an off-campus party.