Today's News Roundup

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A couple of North Korean brothers high-ranking diplomats are causing a stir after defecting to the U.S.; their knowledge of missile sales could affect the Middle East peace process ... Boris Yeltsin is set to blast one of his top advisors into space as a PR stunt for the Mir ... Mir doesn't matter to most Muscovites, who are more worried about receiving their paychecks ... Personal finance also reigns supreme at home, where the Alternative Minimum Tax on the wealthy is described as a "ticking time bomb" that could cost the middle class millions ... The Christian Coalition's new president, Don Hodel, sets a moderate moral agenda ... The party's over for the relatively moderate ex-South African president F.W. De Klerk as he resigns the leadership of the opposition National Party and quits politics ... Things are even worse for East Germany's former leader, Egon Krenz, as he begins his first full day in jail while yet another fallen premier, Mikhail Gorbachev, protests the verdict that sent him there ... Moving from leaders to icons, the frail but feisty Mother Teresa celebrates her 87th birthday ... a military icon, Sergeant Major of the Army Gene McKinney comes to the end of his sexual misconduct hearings, leaving his fate in the hands of the case investigator.

In Tokyo, a firm admits its radioactive waste storage facility leaked low-level radiation for decades ... Not before time, U.S. researchers discover the cause of colon cancer may lie in a seemingly harmless genetic mutation ... One seemingly harmless, recently idled Hudson Foods meat-processing plant in Columbus, Nebraska, has been put up for sale the factory was the source of the latest E. coli scare, and there have been no takers as yet.