Tomorrow's News Now

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Bonfire of the Techies? The Burning Man festival of 21st-century-style paganism begins tomorrow in the northern Nevada desert.

Because persistence is the better part of diplomacy, American envoy Robert Gelbard will return to the Balkans Wednesday. On the agenda: a meeting with President Slobodan Milosevic, as the U.S. continues its quixotic quest to persuade suspected Serb war criminals to turn themselves over to the tender mercies of the U.N. tribunal.

There's little point in scanning tomorrow's press for juicy details on North Korean missile sales to the Middle East: the State Department is keeping the information (and the two senior diplomats who provided it) under tight wraps, but watch for the U.S. to give some indication of what it knows at tomorrow's peace talks in New York. A stone-faced State maintains the news will have no adverse affect on the delicate negotiations, but other officials are discreetly less sanguine.