Today's News Roundup

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Walled In: East Germany's last hardline leader Krenz is sentenced to six and a half years in jail for having citizens killed as they tried to get over the Berlin Wall... Friendly Fire: Seventeen percent of violence-related injuries are caused by a friend or relative, according to a US Justice Department survey... I Am Not a Crook: Teamsters President Ron Carey denies knowledge of a scheme to launder illegal contributions into his election campaign... Will They Accept Delivery?: UPS makes a final contract offer to its strike-threatening pilots... Holy Crowd!: A million show up to hear the Pope preach in France despite criticisms of his visit falling on the anniversary of a 16th-century Roman Catholic massacre of Protestants... West Bank Unrest: Israeli troops teargas stone-throwing youths - nobody's hurt - while men tear down an Israeli barricade blocking a road into the village of Beit Sahour. Defective Diplomacy?: North Korean denies reports its ambassador to Egypt defected to another country... Eyes Peeled: A $205 million NASA science mission is delayed when two shrimp boats are sighted in the offshore launch zone.. Cop Killed: A third New Hampshire state trooper is shot dead in a routine traffic check just after attending the funeral of two other slain officers... But Does It Brew Coffee?: Hewlett-Packard introduces a $600 combination fax, printer and copier for small businesses and home offices.