Today's News Roundup

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Disunion?: CNN reports the government has ordered a new Teamsters leadership election because of irregularities in union president Ron Carey's campaign financing... Beefeater: USDA Secretary Glickman says despite the largest-ever meat recall, it's safe to eat hamburgers... Affirmative Court Action: A federal appeals court upholds California's affirmative action ban... Clinton's Judgement Day: There's a chance the Paula Jones trial date could get scheduled today... Cop Land: Bosnian Serb hardliners lose ground in their battle for police control... Holy Ground?: France's ruling Socialists aren't happy with the Pope's plan to pray at an anti-abortion activist's grave... Talk Gets Cheaper: British Telecom gets control of MCI for much less money than originally proposed... Dow Down: As of just after noon (EST), the market was in an apparent Friday correction. What's it doing now? Get the latest numbers here.