Female VMI Cadet Drops out after Rat Prank

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LEXINGTON, Va.: An unnamed female freshman, one of the first 30 women to be admitted to the Virginia Military Institute, dropped out last night. One down, twenty-nine to go or so the reprobates who dumped 30 dead lab rats in a towel marked "Save the Males" on the VMI's parade ground yesterday might think.

Today the culprits were revealed rather than being disgruntled male cadets at the Institute where freshmen are known as 'rats,' they were merely merry pranksters from neighboring Washington & Lee University. "We're pretty sure the rats are ours," sighed a red-faced Washington & Lee security chief Mike Young.

As far as anyone knows, the dead rat prank did not inflence the one female cadet's decision to leave "she just felt the system was not for her," said a VMI counsellor. Military misogynists should not cheer too soon, however: six male freshman have also quit since Monday.